Skip Heller Merchandise
The sequel to 2004's Fakebook, which made him a national music figure. The band is drawn from the Skip Heller Trio and the Hollywood Blues Destroyers both (plus guest Kelly Haigh and Ray Campi), taking on favorite songs from Patience & Prudence, the Shelton Brosthers, Elvis Presley, the Jam, Henson Cargill, the Andrews Sisters and Roger Miller. " Heller's intense honesty becomes myth and these songs become part of us. And, after all, isn't that what music is all about?" -- All About Jazz
Skip took a few days in Huntsville, AL with his brother-from-another-mother Jim Cavender. The pair holed up in Jim's basement studio and played almost all the instruments themselves (guest vocals from Rita Burkholder and Amy McCarley, Teri Cavender on cogas and percussion, and Ken Watters on trumpet). Here's where to get "I Hate You", "No One Else Will Do", and "The Man I Used To Be", staples of the Hollywood Blues Destroyers sets.
On LP!! Limited edition, signed and numbered, with AMAZING poster artwork by Thomas Kimball, suitable for framing (11 x 17). This will be the only vinyl pressing, and it's a very short run.
Skip lovingly takes on the songs of Floyd Tillman, Godfather of Honky Tonk, and so much more. Hard country, western swing, ranchera, jazz and more, with special guests Dave Stuckey, Big Sandy, Kelly Haigh, and Eden Atwood. "This is a totally fulfilled labor of love." -- All About Jazz
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WAAAAY too cool for school! Thomas Kimball's excellent caricature of Skip, screened black ink on high-quality white t-shirt. If you're outside the US and you want one, contact us and we'll tell you how.